Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Junior Golf Tournament Results

One year ago today, my son entered his first golf tournament.  He had decided to give up baseball and pursue a new sport - golf.  I love both golf and baseball, and enjoyed coaching him and many other kids in baseball over the years.  I have to admit though, this past year has been so much fun for the two of us.  He has participated in 24 tournaments and made huge improvements.  I am so proud of his hard work, drive, and passion for the game.

To show him how much he has improved over the last year, I decided to create a Tableau viz.  He started out playing in 5 hole tournaments and progressed to 9 holes as his scored improved.  To adjust for the different scores, I extrapolated the 5 hole scores to 9 holes and added 3 strokes to adjust for the added length of the course.

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