Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MLB Franchise Performance

I always look forward to this time of year waiting to hear the phrase "Pitchers and catchers are  reporting to Spring Training this week."

I love baseball and especially baseball history, so I wanted to focus a visualization on the past performance of MLB franchise performance.  I have also wanted to try a "small multiples" visualization.  I love the look of the NBA BALLCODE visualization by Peter Gilks over at Paint By Numbers, so I thought I would try something similar.

The viz below shows the performance of MLB franchises using games above/below .500.  You can use the sliders to go back to the 1870's, but I decided to focus primarily on the Expansion Era beginning in 1961.  I felt this was a good starting point since 4 teams were added over 2 years: Angels, Astros, Mets, and the new Senators (after the previous Senators became the Minnesota Twins).  The league also expanded the number of games from 154 to the current 162.

I also wanted to add another dimension to the data, so I decided to change the team color to gold in seasons when the team won the World Series.  This adds a good perspective to teams like the Yankees (especially if you move the slider back to the 1920s) and the Marlins (only 6 winning season, but 2 World Series titles).


  1. Nice work Chris! I left you some feedback via #DataVizDoneRight http://www.datavizdoneright.com/2015/03/mlb-franchise-performance.html

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for the reference and great work. The gold for winning years is a really nice touch

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